This part is called; I started today

Hi there everyone and welcome to my first blog from ‘Ill do it tomorrow’ by myself Brad.

In this blog I will be telling you about the sometimes exciting, but often mind numbingly dull life of someone in their mid to late 30s, with no clear career path or life goals. But for this maiden voyage ill be giving you an introduction to me and inviting you to join me on the journey.

Now I was born in Canada and moved to the UK at a young age. Like most people I attended school and went onto college, however for various reasons never progressed further into University. Maybe because I wasn’t interested in the study anymore, or maybe because growing up 6 foot 5 i was living my uni lifestyle of drink, partying and recklessness when I was a teenager, as I already looked about 26.

One of the pitfalls you can find yourself falling into when you leave education with no clear career plans is a sense of not really knowing what you should be doing with your life. If you wanted to be a doctor growing up then you have a very structured plan ahead of you; School, College, Uni, Medical School, Hospital Placements etc etc. But what about someone whose only ambition as a child was to be a space fireman, orbiting planets looking for intergalactic fires to put out? They certainly didn’t teach that in my careers class at school. So what happens next for someone with no idea where they are going? I liken it to getting into a car with no destination in Google Maps. You will drive for a while, get tired or bored, pull over and look at the view for a few minutes, and then sit back behind the wheel asking your bewildered passengers “WHERE ARE WE GOING?” which is then met with a chorus of “you’re driving, you decide”. This reflects life quite well I find when you don’t have a path in mind. The car is your life, the driver is you, and all the stops and scenic views are random moments in your life. People will get in and out of the car, but most wont stay if you are just driving around aimlessly, and inevitably will ask you to pull over and let them out due to boredom.

So how do you plot your course when you have no idea of where to go? For one this blog is not a self help guide. I am not going to be answering these questions for you in a manner akin to laying on a shrinks couch and opening up your deepest darkest memories of your childhood traumas. Instead we will be discussing the problems that arise because of this, things I have tried to do to change this, and of course regrets and things that looking back I wish I had done differently. BUT, on the flip side, I will also hopefully entertain you with stories of the great moments that I wouldn’t have got to experience if it wasn’t for the route my life had taken.

We all have to start somewhere. And I started today.

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